Coffee Cupping Table

18. Mesa de prova

Metal and granite

The coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is a step of the coffee classification that determines the quality of the product, which is graded from “strictly soft” (the highest) to “River Zone” (the lowest). The cupping table is the main piece of a set of objects needed to the evaluation made by the coffee tasters.
Its circular granite cover can be turned to allow the professionals to taste the different coffee types on the glass containers and to speed up the work. It has a metal movable support that is generally used to put water glasses to clean the tasters’ palate.
The object was owned by the Brazilian Coffee Institute (IBC), regulatory agency of the product. The collection of this institution, terminated on 1989, was in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture, and was partially stored on Carapicuíba Storage on Baruerí, State of São Paulo. This equipment integrated the collection of Museu do Café on 2005