Coffee Grinder

Decade of 1890
Metal and wood

Domestic utensil made of metal and wood used to grind the roasted coffee. It has an opening on its spherical container in which the beans are inserted. When the lever is turned, the coffee is grinded and stocked on the squared-shape container.
On 1810, the siblings Jean Pierre II and Jean Frédéric founded Peugeot Frères, a steel casting plant in which were fabricated several types of tools, such as saws, springs, umbrella structures and pepper and coffee grinders. On 1882 they started to manufacture bicycles, and only on the end of the decade they entered the automotive brand, which is the specialty of the branch up to the present.
This model was manufactured on the decade of 1890 and was owned by Mr. Evaristo Lopes, grandfather of Bonifácio Rodrigues Hernando Filho, a Portuguese immigrant that established himself on Santos, State of São Paulo, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Bonifácio donated this equipment to Museu do Café.