Coffee Sack Puncher

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Wood and Metal

Aside from storing the producers’ coffee, Armazéns Gerais also offered the reprocessing and bounding formation services with different types of coffee. They were also responsible for the emission of the warranty, a document ascertaining the coffee beans storage on the warehouse that was used by the clients seeking bank financing.
Once they entered the warehouse, the bags were drilled by a bagger to get a sample and determine the size of the grain by means of a sieve. The size determined the place of the bags on the warehouse. The coffee sack puncher could be used afterwards whenever more samples were required. Its conical and hollowed shape allowed the bag to be drilled without harming the weave, thus avoiding a greater grains leakage by the hole.
The equipment was donated to Museu do Café on 2004 by Sérgio Ricardo Lopes dos Reis.