Grading Chart

Decade of 1970

The grading of the bean determines the coffee type (scaling) based on the quantity of imperfect beans and of dirt elements on a sampling and on the size of the beans measured by the sieves. The imperfections are also weighted as a whole, resulting on a percentage of the total weight of the sample.
The grading chart has a relation that gives a score for each imperfection. The following features are considered imperfections: imperfect beans (internal imperfections) – black, burnt, green, broken, poorly shaped and drilled beans – and impurities (external imperfections) – skins, branches, stones etc. found on the sampling. The lower the coffee score at the end of the grading process, the better will be its grading. The higher grading is “type 2”.
The equipment was donated by Associação Brasileira da Indústria do Café (ABIC – Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry) to Museu do Café on 2004.