Plaza Memories

In virtual exhibition Memórias da Praça [Plaza Memories], you know coffee broker histories in Santos City by testimonies, pictures and texts. Brokers were very important people for grain commerce in City and one of places where they worked was Bolsa Oficial de Café, place which today is Museu do Café. See the online exhibition

Benedicto Calixto

Three paintings from Benedicto Calixto exhibited in Auction Room of Museu do Café narrates a little of history of Santos from painter’s view. With this application, also available for smartphones and tablets, you can have details and curiosity of all pictures of this São Paulo art icon. See the online exhibition

Coffee Storehouse

Divided into four modules, the exhibition Armazéns de Café [Coffee Storehouse] pictures the working of these hangars by testimonies of believers of storehouses, baggers and pickers, giving new perspective of grain daily in Santos City. In exhibition, you can hear history from coffee storage professionals who had direct contact with grain procedures and everyday between […]

Knowing Coffee

Composed by eight paintings, the exhibition approaches coffee cultivation steps: treatment of seedling, yards, preparation for cultivation, holes or grooves, coffee plantation handling, harvest and fanning, washing, preparation of coffee, seasoning, improvement, reimprovement and storage.

Coffee and hick folklore

Educational exhibition Café e folclore caipira shows a little of what’s popularly known as hick folklore, showing habits and everyday of a ‘hick’, character so important for coffee history in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo Farms – Fazendas paulistas:

Patrimônio cultural rural exhibition is composed of paintings and a video which picture several coffee farms in Brazil. The exhibition keeps alive coffee history when describing architectonic details of farms, practiced habits, furniture and use of these places, so worth for country culture.