Old placements

– This space where today is Preservation, Research, and Reference Center, in downstairs floor, was Cash Settlement, where securities negotiated in trading were realized and then paid.

– Coffee barons watched trading sessions in mezzanine. The remaining floor was divided into rooms where Cash Settlement, Union Camber of Public Funds, and headquarters of companies were located.

– The large rating room at old Bolsa Oficial de Café was placed in an insulator place on second floor and it was linked to secretariat by special elevator for coffee samples. The remaining floor was particularly designated to headquarters of exporter companies.

– The third floor was specially projected for intermediator offices. More than 30 compartments were available.

– In current exhibition room “Coffee and Work”, in the past, was “Secretariat of Bolsa”, whose communication for exterior was done by entrance under tower, where deliveries of coffee samples to be classified in rating offices were performed on second floor.

– The third floor was used until 1970s as Clube da Bolsa. This place had library, play rooms and a restaurant, which was opened for partners and their visitors.