Latte art

One of most famous and astonished techniques of barista is latte art. It consists of drawing figures over coffee and cappuccino using only evaporated milk.

Formation of figures depends on skills and dexterity of each barista.

Flowers, hearts, animals and faces are some of most requested draws by coffee appreciators. But, finally, what are Latte Art secrets?

Barista tips

How to make a good coffee at home.

Everybody has a ‘side’ of barista. That coffee harvested at home, in the beginning of morning, is a proof of it. But… Are you sure you’re doing everything right?

Each step of coffee extraction process is fundamental for its result.

If there’s any mistake at any step, the result will be a drink which doesn’t match to true coffee. With this video, baristas from Museum present, didactically, tips of preparing a good coffee at home.