Museu do Café exhibition policy was developed to communicate strategically internal and external research and preservation actions to institution immediately related to coffee as patrimony.

Long-term, temporary, itinerant and virtual exhibitions have as subject the creator bases of Coffee Museum: coffee as patrimony in science and technical history perspective (“from crop up to cup”); coffee as social object in historic, economic and political perspective, as well as what is related to uses and habits and, finally, cultural products of coffee: architecture, arts, crafts and other old and current symbolic translations.

So, Museu do Café exhibition policy shows importance of coffee to most assorted public for construction of Sao Paulo State and Brazil by museological researches transposition in most assorted areas, as essential goal of preserving its collection and institutionalized or not patrimony references.

Museu do Café museological collection, mostly related to coffee commerce in Praça de Santos, is main object of one of mapping projects for patrimonial references developed by institutional research staff, which searches for expanding patrimonial universe. Then, Museum exhibition policy counts with regular programing about subject, communicating the advance of knowledge of this patrimony to public.

Exposition Policy