Barista Courses

The teams are monthly formed. The goal of course is to offer expertises for preparing coffee in market. The student also has the opportunity of making education visit at Museum.

This course describes arrival of first seedling of coffee in Brazil and different types of cultivation, harvest, roasting and preparation of coffee. It presents the differences among extraction methods and how to get tastiest coffees, both for domestic and industry coffee markers.

Among practical exercises, the students learn how to handle coffee roaster, preparation of espresso, cappuccino, classic drinks with or without milk, use and sanitation of professional or residential coffee makers, techniques for vaporization of milk, in addition to hot and cold drinks receipts which use coffee as main material.

Instructor: Hallyson Ramos, CPC assistant from Museu do Café.

Credit hours: 16 horas e 30 minutos (aulas das 9h30 às 16h, com pausa para almoço).

Amount: R$ 350,00

When: September, 17 of 2014

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