Sewing Machine

Metal and wood

The sewing machines were used to fix the holes made by the driller and other damages on the coffee bags. Usually, the new bags were used only for exported coffee beans; thus, the other ones were put on reused bags. Bag sewing was a typically feminine work.
Cirdar company was established on 1923 by Nobuyoshi Nakajima, in Tokio, producing printing machines. On 1931, the company started manufacturing and selling small-sized sewing machines. After the Second World War, a period in which the company dedicated itself on manufacturing munitions and military components, Cirdar rededicated itself to the sewing machines, manufacturing them on wide scale on the decade of 1950.
The equipment is part of the set that was owned by Brazilian Coffee Institute – IBC – and was donated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply on 2005.