Café para todos

What is this?

Café para Todos program searches to approach the public with social vulnerability conditions to spaces of Museu do Café and promote free access to culture from participation in special visits, activities and talks.

How does it work?

It consists of two educational activities related to coffee universe, in which participants learn since steps for cultivation of grain up to preparing a cup of this product, as well as different ways of preparing this drink.

Which are the activities?

A cup of history:

Designated to teenager and adults, it consists of an educational visit to exhibition of museum, ended by a tasting of two types of coffee: the traditional – easily found in commercial establishments and consumed by most of people – and gourmet – sold in specialized coffee shops or exported to several countries. The activity lasts two hours.

My Espresso:

It consists of a function aimed to labor market which last 6 hours. Youth and adults learn in theory and in practice how to handle espresso coffee machines, in addition to ideas of roasting and milling of grains.

What do we want?

Café para Todos program searches to rescue self-esteem and self-assurance of participants. It’s expected, during such steps, to awake consciousness about importance of coffee history for Santos City and Sao Paulo State. The purpose is to participants be part of this history and be part of community where they live. Activities help to establish a dialog between museum and community around it.