Cafés Especiais

What is the program?

Cafés Especiais programs aims to facilitate disabled people access to content available by Museu do Café by specific activities intended to meeting different needs.

How does it work?

This program presents activities which work with senses. Each action is adapted according to group needs, enriching experience and participation of visitors in Museu do Café environment.

How are the activities?

Coffee Senses:

Sensory visit, where participants are invited to interact with objects, smells and images from Museu do Café exhibitions.

Sabor Especial:

Action designated to acuminate palate, one of most important senses. In the activity, the participant tastes coffee, as an authentic coffee sorter.

What do we want?

Cafés Especiais program searches to present exposed content in Museu do Café to disabled people by activities which advantage their senses.