Vovôs do Café

What is this?

Vovôs do Café program is a set of activities toward to old age, which work participants’ experience and memory. Its intention is to stimulate and consolidate self-esteem of elder people, in order to reflect in perception of their importance in society.

How does it work?

This program is justified in concept of oral history, a work process which includes dialog and collaboration of people, considering their experience and memories.

How are the activities?

Our History:

Rescue elder people memory, using objects related to coffee world. A work with music and dancing activities is also given.

Vovôs no Museu:

Educational visits to Museum exhibitions, followed by a coffee tasting.

What do we want?

To help to rescue individual and collective memory, promoting change of experiences among participants. To perform activities which provide a pleasant environment, where public expresses their feelings and experiences, feeling integrand and productive part of society.